"Ann, I'm just blown away! I don't pretend to know how you do what you do, but you are a true gift to me and my family. Having the opportunity to connect with my loved ones in the world of Spirit has made me a new person. I'm forever grateful." 

~ Gabby, V.

"October 20, 2019 (the day before my boy’s birthday) I was blessed to be in the HPH monthly meeting with guest Ann Van Orsdel (AVO Medium). This was the first meeting of this kind that I’ve ever been in. My beautiful boy transition in 2015 having had severe cerebral palsy from birth. The room had a LOT of parents in it hoping to hear from their children that had transitioned. I was truly amazed witnessing the process. Ann had shared at the beginning some of her own journey and why she was doing this act of service. I could feel the genuineness of heart she spoke from. She said many things, but I was struck with her statement in regards to her highest concern being that of staying in connection with Spirit. It definitely showed as she moved through the room listening and asking to receive, and to be communicated with clearly... so she could transmit the messages to as many as she could as clearly and accurately as possible. I was blessed to witness the process and share this in community with other parents. I cannot imagine such a gift like this and how difficult it must be at times (especially in a group setting). I was impressed with the openness and vulnerability of her heart and how she shared her gift with us. I was honored that my boy, Micah, came through with a message and it was amazing how information from this time also came through that some of our children were actually working together and helping others! It’s such a comfort to know just how well my boy is doing “on the other side”. Having spent his life in a wheelchair, being nonverbal, and requiring full care in everything ...it made me smile very much to think how he had pushed through to get a message to me that day. I know how sweet Micah’s spirit is and it was wonderful to hear he was working as a team with others and helping others! It was a gift to a mother’s heart! The “veil is thin”, the Mystery is great, and I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to be part of this. Thank you, Ann, for being honest and real and sharing your gift with us. Thank you to HPH for bringing her to us. Thank you my boy, Micah, for continuing to shine your light!

~ Cheri T. 

"My husband and I had a reading with Ann in October of 2018 and it was amazing. I had several readings before hers and several since. The reading from Ann is one of our favorites. She provided endless validation and comfort. If we weren’t quite getting something, Ann didn't try to make it fit. I recently listened to the reading a year later and there were a couple of things that we didn't quite connect at first and now it's like an "AH-HA!" moment. She provided great evidence and even brought up things from previous readings which further validated our son's presence in our lives, still. She was so kind and compassionate and took the time to listen to us and spirit. Ann is a bright light in this world and you immediately feel that from her when you first start talking. I recommend Ann to anyone who is looking to connect with a loved one. Thank you Ann!"

~ Tracy C. 

"The day after a group healing event (online) with Ann, my knees, that had been bothering me for months, were much better. I don't know what else could have made this tremendous change in my health. Thank you Ann - please keep doing what you do!" 

~ Paula J. 

"About a year after our daughter Lindsey transitioned I had a reading with Ann.  I saw her picture on HPH website and I got the impression that she was gentle and kind. I was right. I was a bit apprehensive of having a reading via the internet but I must tell you that during my reading,  I truly felt that my daughter, Ann and myself were all together, like having a ladies lunch date.  I never felt Lindsey’s presence as I did that day.  The incredible validations quickly came. Messages she delivered, beginning with Lindsey’s illness to current events took my breath away. From that day forward, Ann brought me peace that the soul never dies and that our love ones are with us, always.  As a grieving parent we are fragile and we need help from trusted sources. My trust in Ann was immediate.  I’ve now had several readings with Ann. I always feel Ann’s compassion throughout the reading. I shared my readings with my daughter, Chanel and treated her to her first reading with Ann. Chanel was so unbelievably touched by her reading and it helped to give her hope and comfort in missing her baby sister. I highly recommend Ann."

~ Paula S. 

"I have known Ann for over 30 years and had no idea she was a Medium. Imagine my surprise when I found out and reached out to her for a reading of my very own. We hadn't kept in touch and therefore there was no way she could have had any prior knowledge as to what would transpire in my reading. Right off the bat, Ann said, "How do you connect with January 21st?" I couldn't believe it, this was the anniversary date of my husband's passing. "He's sending you white roses, not yellow" and we both had a good laugh because I told her that my husband always made a point of getting me only white roses - he knew I didn't like yellow because they remind me of dandelions. After more and more evidence, including the nickname my husband had for our daughter and other private details, what she said next nearly knocked me off my chair. My husband was a pilot and before he would fly, he would text me an emoji of an airplane so that I would know that he was going to be in the air. I would always respond with "Fly High Baby" and he would send back a heart. As we were wrapping up Ann said, "Your husband is showing me an airplane, not a commercial jet but more like a fighter jet. He is saying "I'm flying high baby?" Now if that is not validation that I just had a conversation with my husband, nothing is." Thank you Ann for making me whole again. I will cherish this gift forever." 

~ Lynne R. 

"I was referred to Ann by my mother who is a member of the group Helping Parents Heal. At first I was nervous, but after a few short minutes, I felt like I had known Ann my entire life. Her compassion and understanding of what our family had been through was so refreshing and comforting. She started my reading saying, "Your brother is wishing you Happy Birthday" and I was immediately in tears. My mom had gifted me this session for my birthday and it just happened to fall exactly on the date. Ann had no idea. What happened over the next hour blew my mind. I know that my brother is with me, guiding me and protecting me and if it wasn't for my reading with Ann, I honestly don't know how I could go on. I am blessed to know her and highly recommend her to all my friends." 

~ Chanel N. 

"I don't know where to start. A friend suggested that I have a reading with Ann, based on her personal experience in both groups and 1:1 sessions. I was reluctant, because I had been to psychics before and every time, I left feeling like something was missing. Not this time. From the moment I answered the phone, Ann made me feel at ease and safe. She immediately told me that she had a father coming forward. She mentioned several things that I couldn't quite place, because my father died when I was very young. I miss him terribly and wanted to know if he saw my life, his grandchildren, and the success I had with my business. The next 60-minutes blew me away! Ann was spot-on with so many facts, names, dates, types of business etc. that it was unbelievable. I took several notes because I wanted to validate a few things that I couldn't place at the time. After sharing the notes with my husband, we both cried tears of joy. This is why I believe in Ann and her ability. Thank you will never be enough." 

~ Jenn L. 

"My reading with Ann was very good. She was a bit nervous at first because she knew she was being tested for certification with Helping Parents Heal. My paternal grandfather came through with the same message he always delivers. This is one way I know that a medium is really making a connection. The reading was full of personal advice about my current situation which was extremely helpful. But, I really wanted to connect with my daughter. Since I had just had a reading a couple of days before I thought maybe my daughter wasn’t going to come through this time. When Ann asked if I had any questions, I told her no, and that I thought I had gotten what I was supposed to get. Then, suddenly, without me prompting, Ann said "your daughter is here" and proceeded to connect me to her for 20 minutes straight. Ann got details about her medical history that no one knew. Ann didn’t even know my first name before the reading. So, as public as my information is, there is no way she looked anything up. The reading was set up by a third party. Ann was given my middle name, as my first name and nothing more."

~ Brian S.

"Ann is a gifted and thoughtful medium, and she gave me one of the most stunning and profound readings I’ve ever had.  She was able to bring through my father (who has not come through often) and captured his personality as well as some very critical memories, with great detail and kindness.  She gave me some “counseling” from my father on something I was struggling with at that time, with such precision that it was clearly his input into a tough situation.  She also validated a sign left for me by my father, by specifically pointing out something unusual I had noticed just the day before -- Ann was able to tell me that my father said this was a sign from him.  She could not have known that I saw this item the day before, of course, and it was just stunning to receive such a crystal-clear confirmation of my father’s presence and contact with me.  Ann was warm, caring, specific and deep in her messages, and I truly felt like I had spent time with my father because of her reading.  I can’t thank Ann enough for bringing my father to me, and for her skill and love as a medium."

~ Karen G. 

"As a fellow psychic medium, I have worked with Ann via group Spirit Circles. I recently had a one-on-one session and was very impressed. I have had many readings over the years, and to say that I am critical is an understatement. I can't say enough about Ann, her abilities and her genuine eagerness to help others. During my reading, Ann gave me strong, evidential messages from my loved ones in Spirit that no other Medium has been able to do. She answered a long-standing question, and I am at peace having this closure. Keep doing what you are doing Ann - you are truly gifted." 

~ Martha D. 

"Wow - Ann is a truly gifted Medium. During my lifetime, I've had two different psychic/medium readings. The first was many years ago and I didn't get much information. Ann's reading was very different. She is amazingly accurate - providing names, dates and other meaningful details, only I could know. The first person to come through was my father-in-law. Ann asked me to have my husband join the reading, to help confirm what she was receiving. My husband and I both had goosebumps. Ann gave a very specific and meaningful message to my husband that he has waited years to hear. The highlight was my mother coming through. There is something so comforting about this experience and I am very blessed because of it. This has been one of the highlights of my life. I highly recommend Ann and I can't wait to connect with her again!"

~ Lili B.

"Ann is amazing! My husband was killed in a car accident and to say I was devastated would be an understatement. Once in everyone's lives, if you are lucky, you meet your one, true, love. Cody was mine. I miss him every day. I had so many questions and many things left unsaid. I spoke with Ann and because of her, I am finally starting to move forward with my life. Cody reached me through Ann's medium abilities to let me know he was ok. More importantly, to let me know that I would be ok. Ann has brought my world right-side up. I was at my lowest, darkest place and she has given me the strength to continue. I owe my happiness and courage to keep going to Ann. She is one in a million and I am indebted to her forever. Thank you Ann!"

~ Ashley E.

"I can't stop listening to the recording of my reading with Ann. I have been to other psychics but none that gave me the level of peace, comfort and hope that she has. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but when she gave me the exact name of my departed husband AND his father, saying they were flying planes together in Spirit - I was in shock. They were best friends and died within years of each other. She knew things about my life that I have never told anyone. While it seems a bit too personal as I write this, it never felt awkward or odd to hear it from a stranger. Ann makes you feel so loved and appreciated. She has a very authentic touch with her work and I am so glad my friend convinced me to come to her group reading. I can't wait to schedule another session so my friends and family can experience this amazing gift!" Thank you just doesn't seem enough. 

~ Carol M.


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